What Our Clients Say

My experience was just fantastic…in my world there are no outlets for discussions of things that truly bother me and things/ decisions I must make as it relates to both personal and business decisions…I felt as if I had become so wrapped up in my own head that I was in no way seeing other points of view and /or no longer using ANY outside resources as a “learning” approach…it became clear to me after the coaching sessions stopped for a few weeks that I was falling in to old habits the week of Thanksgiving and I caught myself and was able to employ some tools that Steve had taught me to pull myself back out of the situation, before getting down the same rabbit holes “again”.

Ron C CEO & Entrepreneur. 

Steve has the enviable ability to listen closely to what I tell him, including what I don’t tell him, and hears it all. He then succinctly repeats the pertinent parts back to me while giving me the benefit of his insight and perspective. Steve’s honed listening skills help each coaching session progress in a way that we can cut to the chase and focus on what’s crucial to be dealt with at that time.

Mike J

It’s difficult to nominate one thing that I like most because there are so many things I like. His way of making it a relaxing and enjoyable process while still compelling you to strive harder and higher, is something he does incredibly well. He is a natural and gifted coach and it’s impressive to see him do what he does so beautifully; to be the beneficiary, is awe inspiring. He is probably one of the best communicators I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.


I feel an equal with Steve. He’s sharing his knowledge but I don’t feel lectured to. Rather I feel my own self reflections are a major part of the process as is Steve’s guidance. Steve’s style is sincere yet professional. He opens up about his own insecurities which allows me to be more comfortable and less judgemental about my own perceived short comings. He’s kind and non judgemental but still challenges me and my ways of thinking. A session with Steve means something in me will be adjusted but not in a traumatic way. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to see where we have been in a session and what lessons I have learnt. I find his accepting nature to be a safe place to share and trust.

Michelle B